It has been a big week of eating, but it has been one that has left me asking questions:

1. Why isn’t more pate used in sandwiches here? For example, a mortadella sandwich but with pate in it.
2. Why isn’t the Vietnamese mayonnaise on banh mi sold at the supermarket, like Kewpie? I feel like we are missing out on a world of possibility.
3. Why isn’t there more collaborative dinners between Indian and Burmese chefs? They truly work well together.
4. Why isn’t pavlova rolled more often? The best thing about Swiss roll can be applied to meringue too.
5. Why is it so good to go to a place where they know your name? We all know the answer to being a local with the chef serving up your favourite dish as soon as you walk in the door (roast pork noodles are a case in point).
6. Why isn’t there more spiced rolls? I understand the pleasures of cinnamon, but why not allspice, nutmeg, saffron, or some combination of all of them.
7. Why isn’t cheese included in the default setting of bacon and egg rolls? They add moisture, and, the best kind of mouth feel.

And that is my week in eating and questioning with thanks to K and SD.

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