As some of you may have also noticed, fermentation has become more and more popular of late. For example, the book that kept coming up on my social media feeds over Christmas was The Noma Guide to Fermentation. It is a wonderful and beautiful book. It was also a welcome present for me. But, it is K that is the fermenter in our household. At the moment, she has a big jar of kombucha on the go, and, is about to preserve some lemons. But, it is her sourdough starter – called ‘Diego’ – that has been providing us with deliciousness over the festive period. She has been making bread on a daily basis, and, from a standing start has produced wonderful loaves of white or rye or both. The photos below are in order of what she has made, and, as you can see there is the hand of an artist at play. It should encourage others to give it a go. K recommends you check out the Larousse Book of Bread. 

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